Ways To Identify A Pill

If you find a pill and do not know what it is, there are a number of ways that you can identify it. In fact, it is possible to identify a pill easily by simply going online. There are websites that allow you to search through databases of pills using features you find on one.

One excellent source for identifying pills is WebMD. WebMD has a search feature where you can type in the pill imprint along with other features, and the pill identifier can identify prescribed and over the counter medications. In addition to identifying the pill, the WebMD pill identifier is often able to tell you what the medication is most commonly prescribed for.

Drugs.com also offers a pill identifier. This pill search can help you to identify more than eleven thousand different medications. In addition to simply being able to tell you what a pill is, Drugs.com offers a tremendous amount of information about the medication.

However, there are certain types of pills that cannot be identified this way. While all over the counter and prescription medications can be identified by their imprint, many supplements and vitamins do not have an imprint. The only way to identify these pills is by checking supplements or vitamins in your home and seeing what matches it.